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Just as not everyone is capable of spending $700 $1200 on the currently popular AR 15 style rifle. I loved my M4 in the Army, and I love my civilian model now and recommend one to anyone if they already have the other 4 guns in this article. The . 22 rifle is perhaps the most commonly owned gun in America. Most of these type articles will agree with me on this; a . 22 rifle is a must have. Let me explain why. Let me breakdown why so many Americans own this rifle and why this is on my list. A . 22 rifle is one of the least expensive firearms to purchase. I recently bought a .

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You’ll have to pay a bit more upfront than Frontpoint to get set up around $200, but Iris’ extra sensors generally run from $8 to $15 — that’s 30 to 50 percent cheaper than sensors from the rest of the competition.

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There is also two way audio functionality, which means you can hear what’s happening in the room through the built in mic, and you can also speak into the room and be heard through the built in speaker.

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