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So they charged me 800$ to install the main system in basement , two control panelsone near garage and one in master a motion sensor and a Siren. Is this is the norm or is it pricey?Last year a cyber attack affected this residence, business sites, phone and devices including TV. Replaced most devices. Two issues remain: house and computer. There is a clicking/shudder sound when visiting websites hard drive was replaced, the sound persisted. There is also a clicking/shudder sound when moving about the house. An Intrusion Detection Inspection was recommended running about $2,000. Is there some other way to resolve this?Worked in real estate many years, such house safety is a first. Disconnected old home security system. The computer issue is not malware, hired 4 ITs and worked with Malwarebytes and other forums. Have read that cable and phone ISPs can be hacked.

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They also offer additional equipment such as smoke detectors, glass break detectors, security cameras, and GPS vehicle tracking.

Our experts put the information on the site and encourage consumers to read through all the reviews before making their own decision.

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The Interactive plan $44.

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