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If you do want an even bigger dog and don't mind one who slobbers, then consider: VI. Larger Short Haired Alternatives: Bullmastiffs and Rottweilers Bullmastiffs are not quite as "stable" temperamentally as the mastiff, but most people say they are sweet. A few tend to attack and/or kill cats and other dogs. Hip dysplasia is a common problem in the breed, as is lymphsarcoma Rottweillers have an overpowering need to be dominant, and only a few people can successfully deal with this. They also have a tendency to "mouth" things, hands in particular. Many tend to be dog aggressive but most of the behavior problems stem from owners. The biggest problem overall is spoiled dogs. Behavior that might seem cute in a puppy gets dangerous in a 90 120 lb. adult. One "problem" in the Rottweiler is herding behavior. Many people don't recognize these behaviors for what they are, especially in puppies; they view it as aggressive behavior and either harshly over correct it or aggravate it into aggression.

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Aside from the obvious value proposition, Ring’s big pitch for the Alarm system is its simplicity.

The figures in the article said that the average burglary costs $1,675, which seems like a low number in many instances.

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First of all, the local authorities will be more likely to find the person who committed a crime on your property if they have evidence.

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